The largest ever Westchester Science & Engineering Fair (WESEF) was held on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at Sleepy Hollow High School. 24 junior and senior students from the Edgemont Science Scholars program competed against more than 650 students from 41 high schools in our region and took home a good share of the prizes. Congratulations to all!

In addition to the specific awards listed below, some special shout outs:

Miranda Margulis-Ohnuma Triple Award Winner

Seniors who also won as juniors (Repeat Winners)

    Anjali Nandakumar

    Angie Jang

    Ananya Gurumurthy

    Akaash Saraf

    Mina Mohammadi

Current Juniors Awarded:

    Jacob Kang

    Amar Sandhu

    Alexander Mandadjiev


Category Winners:

2nd place-

Anjali Nandakumar (Sr)- Cellular and Molecular Biology- Immunology

Angie Jang (Sr)- Cellular and Molecular Biology- Cellular Biology

Lisa Morton (Sr)- Neuroscience


3rd place-

Miranda Margulis-Ohnuma (Sr)-  Earth Science- Climatology and Weather

Mina Mohammadi (Sr)- Medicine and Health- Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Joongoo (Jacob) Kang (Jr)- Medicine and Health- Molecular Biology of Diseases


4th place-

Ananya Gurumurthy (Sr)- Computer Science- Computational Science and Computer Graphics

Akaash Saraf (Sr)- Cellular and Molecular Biology- Cellular and Molecular Genetics


Special Awards from Sponsors:

Miranda Margulis-Ohnuma (Sr) - Association for Women Geoscientists Award

Miranda Margulis-Ohnuma (Sr) - NASA Earth System Science Award

Amar Sandhu (Jr) - Innovations in Biological Sciences Research Award

Sophia Guo (Sr) - Think STEAM Award

Alexander Mandadjiev (Jr) - Excellence in Medical Research Award

Andrew Lopreiato (Sr)  - Office of Naval Research Award